>Daniel Mattiasson is a Swedish Filmmaker and Director based in London.


>He has worked with film for the last six years including creating a film and sound strategy for two different companies, making adverts for several brands in Sweden and in the UK and writing and directing his own short films.


>He just got his master degree from one of the most prestigious film schools in the UK; 

Met Film School located in the heart of Ealing Studios.


>He is now current with his latest Short film: Somnolence who got into Cannes Short Film Corner.


>He has worked with a wide range of brands such as:


Kinnarps, Bolon, Skeppshult, Missoni, Jean Nouvel Design, Mencap, Konsthantverk, 

Bea Szenfeld, Mavis, Campana Brothers, Luca Nichetto, SMD, Lager 157






"As a filmmaker I have always been captivated by moments.

However, to create moments, a story needs to be told to capture the interest of the audience.

It works exactly like real life:

We live for the extraordinary moments but in order to enjoy them we need to create them and emotionally construct them.

Without a story; we won’t care."